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Re: (Over)Posting to APD -- and HTML

Erik Olson pointed out that there is a filter to protect all of you
from an overposting but 
> I think the
> filter
> Cynthia put in checks to see if you've quoted the last line that
> normally
> inserted (it was my suggestion, so blame me that it's not 100%
> foolproof).  
> This doesn't guard against someone quoting only the TOP 99% (which I
> think
> is what Scott did).

Gosh, even my screw up was a screw up :-0
If the posts had been HTML, would I have crashed a lot of mail servers
with the bulk?  Would I be actionable for theft of service?  HTML is
gigantic (bitwise) compared to plain text.   Call me clumsy, call me
remorseful, call me a Luddite, but don't call me Hyper (text).

Scott H.

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