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RE: Eustralis Stellata

If you look at the emersed leave and the flowers, They are obviously very
different plants.

Picture of a flowering Eusteralis stellata is shown below.

Picture of a flowering Limnophila aromatica is shown below.

I always thought the leaf length and width were good enough to distinguish
the two plants... According to Tropica, L. aromatica grows to about 5-8cm
wide while E. stellata is 10-20cm wide.
L. aromatica has slightly wider leaves (and maybe less leaves in a whorl
than E. stellata). Do we really want to go into the detailed  botanical
description of both plants? i.e. how many leaves arranged in a whorl,
internode length, flower type etc.

Wayne, so what is the name of the large and mini Riccia? I saw the mini one
the other day, but have yet to see the large form. Well, if you have excess
mini Riccia, you know who to give? hint* hint* :)