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Re: Differents types of Eustralis Stellata

I have found that the Limnophila aromatica (or Gratiola sp.) - which is
apparently incorrectly called Eusterallis stellata - is much easier to grow
than Es. I have not yet experience the Es problems where it stops growing
and then branches. However, it exhibits some of the same Es color
variations as illustrated by Eriks nice pictures on
http://www.e-aquaria.com. I personally like it when they both get reddish
orange. If you want a green plant, there enough other choices.

PS. Wayne, see if you and your other plant buddies can help discourage the
use of "fake Eustrallis" in Singapore. Let me know if it is coming from one
of the larger nurseries. Apparently, this plant is being sold as Es in the
US. I suspect that it is much easier to ship and is trying to satisfy pent
up demand for the real Es.

PSS. I will have to smell mine. 

>On Fri, 1 Feb 2002 "Wayne Wah" <tswah at mbox3_singnet.com.sg> wrote:
>Subject: Re: Differents types of Eustralis Stellata
>Hello Chee Ming,
>This is Wayne from Singapore too. I agree with you there are two types of 
>Eustralis Stellata.
>The "authentic" one which all of us are trying to grow well grows upwards. 
>Its leaves grow around the stem in a horizontal plane. When seen from the 
>top, it looks like a spock of a wheel.
>The "fake" eustralis stellata has an aroma. It grows slightly slanting.
>Even in moderate lighting, the leave nodes are close to one another and it 
>will still produce lots of leaves. When viewed from the top, it seems more 
>angular and less round than the "real" Eustralis.S. [truncated]