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Re: PC light isn't lit

>My 96 watt PC unit from AH Supply didn't light this morning.  Unfortunately 
>I don't know if it's the bulb or the ballast.  The unit has been plugged 
>directly into the wall socket(it's live) for 30 minutes and the ballast 
>isn't warm.  I'm not sure it would be if the bulb failed.  Does anyone know 
>the voltage output of the ballast? I could check it with a voltage meter.

It's difficult to check an electronic ballast with only a volt meter. The
ballast actually puts out two voltages, one to start the tube, and another
to run it. If you were getting a run voltage you might not be getting the
start voltage, and it's more difficult to acurately measure the starting

Your best bet is to swap the bulb and see if it lights. It would be
unlikely that the ballast could have failed in such a way as to damage a
new tube. I think the run voltage is over 100v on a 96 watt tube, but I
can't remember for sure what the current draw is on a 96 watt PCF tube. The
run voltage will be whatever is necassary to deliver 96 watts into the tube
when feeding the tube with whatever it's rated current (milliamperes) is.


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