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Algae infestation

Bob Olesen wrote:

> ...Are you concerned about also inoculating the tank with algae in this

> I don't mean the soft innocuous, green and brown algae that almost always
> make an appearance at some point. These usually show up sooner or later
> anyway and can be brought under control quickly enough with the usual
> strategies. No, I mean those nasty Red Algae from hell that drive many
> out of planted tanks altogether.

While I'm not sure I see any need to innoculate the substrate when setting
up a heavily planted tank, (my experience has been that the plants
themselves bring plenty of established bacteria along with them) I don't
particularly worry about introducing algae into a tank either.  This is as
true of red algae as any other.  My experience is that if the tank is set up
to encourage good community plant growth, the algae just doesn't flourish.
If I neglect my tanks for long enough (<sigh> It does happen from time to
time! ;-) red algae will become visible, usually first as a few tufts on
equipment, followed by some on the gravel.  If I step in at that point, do
some water changes, and pay more attention to feeding the plants properly,
the algae again recedes to the point that it is not visible anywhere in the

I think once you've learned to manage algae in your tank, you'll find that
you don't have to worry about introductions.  Interestingly, I actually
TRIED to introduce a very short, velvety green algae that I saw on driftwood
in a friend's tank.  I was completely unsuccessful in trying to keep it
going in my high light/fast growth tanks.  I finally did get it established
in a moderate light/slower growth fern and moss tank that I maintain.  It's
lovely stuff... I with that I COULD keep it in the other tanks!