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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1505 Algae

   Bob Olesen,as I recall you're located in RPB or Wellington? Do you use tap
water?  I set up my 75 on April first and had several bouts with greenwater 
it didn't develop any fixed algae until late Sept. and then only a fuzz on 
the driftwood.
I've found it impossible to remove so I just went with it.In Oct. I did a 
major overhaul
and add a new lighting system, not much changed so I added another fixture on
Dec 1. Several things have happened that I hadn't expected
  The sword plants have almost doubled in size and has three flowering stems 
Aponogeton not only grew it has flowered. The water sprite must be pruned at 
least once a week or it will cover the whole tank. The Bacopa has developed a
pink color on the tips and is now very crisp, snapping easily. I let some of 
it emerge
and it's flowering. This is the good news
  Bad news. The Riccia and tennelus have disappeared though they're both 
doing well in the sump(different lighting system} A soft velvety type of 
algae has appeared on old 
leaves of rooted plants but not on the stem plants The  java  fern and 
anubias have
disappeared completely crowded out by other plants The algae on driftwood is
gone but  is replaced by a very thin swirling type algae that looks like 
from a distance but very bright green. It is easily removed but I have to do 
so daily.
I change 50 percent of the water weekly but everything stays the same and I 
no fertilizers This tank has never had algae on the glass or has it ever 
a slime coating and I'm just using tap water which is very hard.
    Another interesting thing is the Crpt. wendtii. supposedly a green 
has turned a very dark bronze color and is running in all directions. It  has 
grown more
since Dec 1 than from April 1. Running a tank is always an education isn't 
   can't wait to get a case of red algae hopefully not from hell lol
                                             Gary     fla