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Re: Red Sea vs Tetra nitrate test kit

Roxanne Bittman wrote:

> I recently ran out of my old Tetra nitrate test kit, which mostly
> read my two tanks at about 10-12ppm (I think Tetra reads in ppm; they
> sure don't tell you that!).
> So, I purchased something local - Red Sea's nitrate test kit,
> groan...
> Then, I read all the bad posts on this kit; too late.
> I tested my tanks and they test as 5ppm or half of the amount given
> by the Tetra kit (at the same time; I had a little left of the Tetra
> so compared them).
> Which to believe?  I guess it's going to have to be Lamotte in the
> future!
> Roxanne Bittman

Don't feel alone.  I have had trouble with Red Sea tests also.  And I
just tossed an old Wardley Nitrate kit that said my nitrates were 10
times the level that my Seachem test kit showed.  The Seachem Nitrite &
Nitrate test kit includes a vial of 10mg/l water for reference/test
validation purposes.

Scott H.

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