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Re: KH1 etc, related question (George)

> Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 07:06:45 -0500
> From: David Modine <modine at erols_com>

> He claimed that he was increasing the CO2 level in the tank by adding
sodium bicarbonate > AND some
> type of acidic buffer, so that he chemically attained high KH and low pH.
> This is very contradictory to my understanding of the pH / KH
> Is there any logic to what he claims to be doing?

You can all kinds of goofy chemistry if you work at it. But in terms of a
planted tank, the logic is probably not real good.

You can generate LOTs of CO2 by adding vinegar to baking soda, as one
example. Of course, it is generated mostly all at once so it doesn't make a
very good source of CO2 for aquariums.

"High KH and low pH" may be misleading. Did he actually measure the KH or
did he just assume he had high KH since he added sodium bicarb?  Don't
forget that "KH test kits" are really total alkalinity test kits and only
return true KH readings if the only buffer present is carbonate or

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