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is there calcium in my water

hi all
I have a 50 gallon planted tank with 220 watts of cf lighting and DIY CO2, and i dose with PMDD everyday, with the occasional jobes stick or two in the gravel, my plants seem to do okay at best with light pearling starting 4 or 5 hours after the lights come on, I currently have little or no algae visible. maybe i should be happy. but the plant growth seems to be slow (with some exceptions). some of the latest leaves on my sword plant came out kinda white looking, so i figure since i'm adding everything else, it must be either defficient in calcium or phosphate. I've been keeping NO3 at about 20ppm and iron at about .1ppm or slightly above.
Does anyone have any idea of the calcium content in the burlington water, i know it comes from lake ontario and i checked the website, but they dont show results for calcium, or much else for that matter
Can anyone recommend what to use to dose some calcium?and how much?     
thanks for any help.

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