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Re: Warning for bicarbonate

Greger Lindstrand wrote:

> I think thats called bakingsoda in english.
> After reading the latest days discussion on KH etc. I decided that I
> should raise the KH. It was on a level on around 2-3 and PH was 6.7
> (have CO2 injection with Dupla Ph control). Utilizing the link to
> George and Karla Booth's chemestry page I found that 1 teaspoon
> raises the KH with 4 solved in 50 L of water. I calculated that I
> would need 11 teaspoons for my 540 L tank.
> I had 7 teaspoon avaliable so I used those and WHAM!!! the PH level
> shot up to 6.92 and are still rising! I've raised the CO2 injection
> to a rate of zillions of bubbles currently.
> Question:
> Should I panic-change the water or sit tight and wait for the PH to
> dropp?
> I have 200 L avaliable for waterchanges and it's at tank temperature.
> Greateful for a quick response
> Greger Lindstrand

I don't understand the panic.  Your measuremkents show that pH rose
only 0.22 on the scale. You can lower it by reducing the amount of
carbonate or by increasing the amount of CO2.  But a rise of 0.2 is
small, within the margin of error of most pH controllers and test kits.

Scott H.

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