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Re: Subject: CO2 for a 200 gallon

>  Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com>  Suggested on the subject: : CO2 for a 200 gallon & reduceing pH for discus.
> Cheapest easiest long term solution would be to use CO2 gas.

I guess that makes sense as the best option. All the fish are doing fine, & because the fish are what's most important in this tank, I leaning toward just leaving well enough alone.

> Add some sponges to the overflow to reduce splashing. Feed the
> CO2 output from the reactor directly into the return pump
> intake.

That's basically what I am doing

> Have a spray bar return and point this downward.

The returns point down now.

> Get a better
> needle valve, ARO's are junk.

The ARO valve does leave a bit to be desired. Would you recommend the M3 valve?

> Get a larger pump for the reactor.

My previous post was incorrect. It's a  Rio 1100. Anything bigger won't easily fit where I want it.

> In the tank or in the sump?

Yes, in the sump with the outflow directed to the main return pump.

> No, a well set up system should run about 3-4b per second for a
> 200 gallon.

That's probably close to where I am. It's difficult for me to accurately count bubbles at this rate.

After reading the responses I have received so far, I went back & tested everything again. It turns out my pH Pen was substantially in need of calibration. I reset it & got readings more in line with what I am targeting. This morning, pH is 6.7, KH is at 4. I am currently slowing the CO2 at night to about 2 bubbles/sec. One half turn on the regulator drops the pressure just
enough to reduce the flow without trying to adjust that finicky ARO valve.

Thanks for your reply

David Modine