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Dividing Blyxa

Ok, I have a much more serious problem that I'll be
addressing to you guys tomorrow, but for now, please
consider this.  I have two Blyxa aubertii that keep
getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  I see no clear
side plants developing.  Can I cut into the side of
plant so that I get a few leaves and roots?  That is,
instead of cutting straight through the vegetative
cone and dividing the plant in half, can I cut out
maybe a 5th or so from the side?  I would much prefer
to not pull them up to do this.  

A bunch of flower stalks have come up, but so far, I
have not been successful (I think) at pollinating them
by swabbing, which is difficult because the flowers
are very small.  

Thanks, Cavan   

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