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Re: Warning for bicarbonate

> Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 10:34:52 +0100
> From: "Greger Lindstrand" <greglind at algonet_se>

> After reading the latest days discussion on KH etc. I decided that I
should raise the KH.
> It was on a level on around 2-3 and PH was 6.7 (have CO2 injection with
Dupla Ph
> control). Utilizing the link to George and Karla Booth's chemestry page I
found that 1
> teaspoon raises the KH with 4 solved in 50 L of water. I calculated that I
would needi
> 11 teaspoons for my 540 L tank.
> I had 7 teaspoon avaliable so I used those and WHAM!!! the PH level shot
up to
> 6.92 and are still rising!

That's why the last sentence in that section says:

"It is best to adjust the hardness slowly, using a test kit to measure the
changes as you go along."

I guess that wasn't clear.

> I've raised the CO2 injection to a rate of zillions of bubbles currently.
> Question:
> Should I panic-change the water or sit tight and wait for the PH to dropp?

You have a pH controller. Let it do the job. The pH is already up, so doing
a big water change will bigger problems

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