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Re: KH=1

Thanks for your advice on my KH question. I tried it and overshot the KH by
a lot. The discus and angels were not too happy, but survived. My goal is a
pH of 6.8 and a kH of 3, based on the earlier recommendation I received
here. I would like the CO2 to be 15 ppm.

Do I have to do the baking soda titration in my show tank? It doesn't seem
that I can adjust the  KH in the water in the storage tank I use to change
25% of the water in my 75-gal show tank 3 times a week, because the pH will
be too high. For example, I added baking soda to the 25 gal of water in the
storage tank and achieved a KH of 5 and a pH of 8. I am under the impression
that I should not then lower the pH with Seachem's Acid Buffer. Is this
correct? Yet, if I don't do this, the KH of the water I add to my show tank
will be very high, putting me in the same dangerous situation I was in after
I first added baking soda.

It seems that neither of my choices are very good. With frequent water
changes, I will be titrating KH in the show tank all the time. If I add the
baking soda to the storage tank, I will be adding water at a high pH to the
show tank. I am afraid that this will lead to the frequent water changes and
extra aeration I just went through. What am I missing?

Confused in New Jersey
John Russo, Jr.