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For a background, I use a light blue styrofoam material that they sell
at building material stores as insulation.  I find it to be a pleasing

For what it's worth, about 35% of my tank's exterior surface is covered with
this insulation, (the back and the bottom) which probably does reduce
some heat loss.  I'm sure that most of the heat loss in aquarium is
through evaporation, so it probably doesn't save a tremendous amount of
electricity.  In the winter I like to leave the thermostat in my house
at about 65 degrees F, and the thermostat on my aquarium heater is at
about 77 degrees F.  The aquarium lights do add some heat, but my 100
watt aquarium heater is working hard most of the winter.  

I'm sure this isn't a tremendous energy savings, but small things add up
when we are talking about things that run 24-7.