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Re: Methods of attaching Riccia to rocks

> From: James Forgan <jamesdfo at yahoo_ca>
> Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 13:05:53 -0500 (EST)

>      I seem to recall some time ago someone had a
> write-up on their website about using cyanacrylate
> (Spelling?)aka: Krazy Glue to attach Riccia to
> rocks...  But it seems I neglected to bookmark it...if anybody
> else remembers seeing this,could they please post the
> URL ?? T.I.A. > James(Western Canada)

I've used cyanoactylate glue to attach java ferns to rocks and shells. 
Also, Gorilla Glue™ (a urathane glue) works well, but is harder to use
because it takes a long time to dry.  There's not much to it; these glues
are moisture curing. Dry everything with a paper towel.  The plants will
still be damp.  And then glue it!  I use "ZAP CA+" glue from a hobby shop. 
It is a gap-filling CA glue that works a lot better for this application
than the watery thin kind.  I just did some java fernlets last week on an
oyster shell.

Best regard, :-)