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Re: Do Goldfish eat java moss?

Bob asks if Goldfish will eat his Java and Christmas mosses.

Bob, in my experience, not only will your Goldfish eat the mosses, they'll 
eat everything else in your tank.  I've tried every supposedly "fish-proof" 
plant I can get  in my niece's fantail tank and those little farts ate it 
all.  If they can't eat it directly, they'll beat it up trying.  They even 
tried to eat silk plants when I first put 'em in there.  They're 
incorrigible -- I guess once a carp, always a carp.  I had the best luck 
with java fern and osiris swords, but even they eventually succumbed to 
abuse and subsequent algae infestation and had to be removed.

I must admit those little plant-eaters are hard not to like though....total 
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee