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Re: Light Background colors

Raymond wrote:

>Why does this occur? would using different backgrounds change certain traits
>within plants also?

I don't know what effect backgrounds might have on discus.  But they do 
have effects on other fish.  Years ago my wife was having some kind of 
get-together in our living room, so I decided to "pretty up" my tank 
there with a background made from purple foil wrapping paper.  I has 
some left over and decided to put it on the back of a tank that held a 
spectacular breeding pair of jewel cichlids (nasty fish).  The fish 
freaked out.  I couldn't get the foil anywhere within view of the tank 
without having them dashing themselves against the glass and trying to 
hide behind each other and anything else in the aquarium.  It was crazy. 
Other backgrounds were fine.  There was just something about that purple 

There has been some work done (at Clemson, maybe other places as well) 
about using different-color mulches around agricultural crops.  The 
color of the mulch did change growth habits and yields.  I don't know 
how that would generalize to aquariums.  I don't imagine it would be a 
major effect.

Roger Miller