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Re: Schultz African Violet Food

Thanks Chuck.  I have a bottle here now and it says
that the nitrogen component is made up of .7%
ammoniacal nitrogen, .4 nitrate nitrogen, and 6.9%
urea nitrogen.  The ammonia and urea parts are ok? 
SAE's are sensitive to ammonia I think, but I doubt
that would be enough.  My tank uses a LOT of nitrate
and phosphate, so I imagine I'll be using up to two
drops per day.  

Do you get enough nitrogen from this stuff as well as
the phosphate?  Still add kno3?  If I still need more
N, could I just use the regular house plant kind with
10 N?  I could always give this stuff to my aunt it
were the case.  She has a bunch of African violets. 

Thanks and Merry Christmas, Cavan  

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