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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1491

>>If by background you mean one of those pictures your buy off 
>>a roll at the LFS, or a sheet of colored paper, I, for one, 
>>do not care for backgrounds any more than equipment in my view.  

That DEFINITELY <GRIN> does not fit into my views as even being remotely
acceptable, might as well put in a pink plastic scuba diver ... although
I'm afraid that the pink scuba diver might be less offensive <GRIN>!!!!

>>OTOH, sometimes a dark background (e.g., a black or a dark dull 
>>blue)can make a tank more soothing for the fish by reflecting 
>>less light back into the tank--

That's more like what I was really asking ... 

I've never really been excited about solid backgrounds either; in my 58
gallon chilid tank the tank is arranged such that focal point falls to
two distinct locations, and you actually have to think about looking for
the back of the tank to notice that there is equipment there, you really
have to concentrate to notice that there are filter lines, air lines,
and electrical wires running behind the tank.  However, that's just my
personal view.

The real impetus behind the question was the "evaluations" or
"critiques" of planted aquariums consistently come down very hard on
visible equipment.  If I add a solid background, the only purpose I see
is that it hides one more "distraction" (that being equipment behind the
aquarium) ...

There appears to be a voiced consensus of a dark blue ... so I think I
will start looking for the right "material" to apply ...

>>Lush plants will hide most, if not all, equipment -- and they 
>>will hide the back glass panel too, more or less, so that it 
>>is not an area of visual focus or concentration.  

That has been my personal view - however, it doesn't appear to be shared
by those formally "judging" or "critiquing" aquariums 

>>In my opinion, backgrounds are only a notch above plastic plants
>>as a visual solution.  Surely others will vote otherwise because 
>>their personal preference is different.  Follow your preferences 
>>and enjoy.

I think I'm in agreement with you ... however, I believe that I will
start looking for a dark blue background to reduce the distractions that
others might see ...

I would like to especially thank you for your feedback along with all
the others!!!!

Greg aka "Newsletter"