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Re: Aquarium Background

Behind the moniker "Newsletter " Greg wrote:

> I've rarely ever put a background on any of my tanks; however, with
> all
> of the negative "critique's" of equipment being visible in planted
> aquariums I thought it warranted more substantive consideration.
> So ... what are your opinions?  What Color?  What Material?
> Greg Watson

If by background you mean one of those pictures your buy off a roll at
the LFS, or a sheet of colored paper, I, for one, do not care for
backgrounds any more than equipment in my view.  Backgrounds don't look
anymore real or like they naturally belong with the fish and plants
than do filter downtubes, CO2 diffusers, etc.  But that's just a
personal opinion.  I also don't like, for example, aparagus, but many
people do.

OTOH, sometimes a dark background (e.g., a black or a dark dull
blue)can make a tank more soothing for the fish by reflecting less
light back into the tank--if so you might have too many lights for
those fish and it might be better to provide more shaded places or an
otherwwise unlit (or less lit) sections in the tank.

Lush plants will hide most, if not all, equipment -- and they will hide
the back glass panel too, more or less, so that it is not an area of
visual focus or concentration.  In my opinion, backgrounds are only a
notch above plastic plants as a visual solution.  Surely others will
vote otherwise because their personal preference is different.  Follow
your preferences and enjoy.

Scott H.

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