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Re: Dutch vs. Nature aquriums

Maybe I should know better, but I have to throw in my opinion here...

Both Dutch aquariums and Amano's Nature Aquariums are very much neat and
orderly and arranged according to some complicated rules. It's just the
rules, and the goals of the rules, and totally different. Dutch aquariums
are arranged artifically and designed to look artifically arranged. Amano
aquariums are equally artifically arranged, but are designed to not look
artificially arranged. Therein lies the difference, IMHO.

To truly understand Amano's viewpoint, put down his books for a little
while, then go to your library/bookstore and check out as many books as
you can on Japanese gardening, Ikebana, Bonkei, and the like. (Skip books
on Bonsai. Fan of Bonsai though I am, very little Bonsai techniques can
be applied to aquariums.) Now go through those books and study in
particular any parts on arrangement and visual balance (assymetrical
balance and the like). Compare Amano's arrangements to those rules. A
lotta triangles, aren't there? ;-) The goal is to make it arranged and
orderly without making it _look_ arranged and orderly.

I tried hard in the beginning to emulate Amano tanks, but I got
sidetracked trying to get healthy plants... :-) I need more foreground

Just my $.02.

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