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   Thanks for the help Scott. I'm slowly beginning to get at a grasp of it 
Not as
standardized as most other fields. I finally found the ANSI site and they had
great comparisons of different  manufacturers as well as bulbs Very useful.
   I was rather surprised at the differences at outputs between bulbs and the
ratings for length of time they're serviceable. This is particularly true of 
the HID
lights which I'm most interested in. I hadn't realized there are so many 
types and more on the way The programmable cluster types would seem to 
answer every problem. Depending on the setup they can go from 2000 to 100,000
lux as well as from IR to UV. As well as color washes and spectrum 
These were originally designed for theaters mostly for visual effects but are 
being designed for specialized purposes But I'm now getting to the most
dreaded question of all.  PRICE.lol   Thanks for all the help
                                                 Gary     fla