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Re: Dutch vs. Nature aquriums

Hey gang,

George Booth wrote:
<<I may use artist's and gardener's "tricks" to please
the eye and make my slice of life pleasent to look at.
But all I want is a little piece of Sumatra in my
living room.  And I don't even care if he plants are
appropriate for the fish (a biotope). A little slice
of imaginary tropical paradise is my goal.>>

I think even Amano would agree that no matter your
"aquascaping style" healthy plants are the goal we all
share. If we really took a poll of what us American
guys used as inspiration for our aquascapes, the
answers would be myriad.

I'm still relatively new to this plant aquarium thing
(year and a half), but in real life<laf> I think of
myself as an artist. Aside from the "modelling after
nature" thing, I believe that the principals of
aquascaping that Amano has written are sound ways to
create an engaging aquascape *every time*. They are
*basic* art techniques that anyone could learn in an
art history class.

What I'm *not* saying here is that we should all try
and emulate Amano so turn off the flames. What I'm
saying is if we just keep a couple of basic things in
mind, our healthy plants will have an impact on
*someone else*.....whoa...

Now I have to figure out healthy plants....
John Wheeler

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