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White deposits on glass & Discus i planted aquariums

White deposits on cover glass:
Thx! for all your tips off list. After trying most of them the deposits are still there on the 15 year old cover glass.
I was told by a window glass dealer that water was a very agressive medium indeed. The white deposits are various salts drawn out of the glass and thereby eroding the surface of the cover glass. The erosion is the reason why Iv'e been unable to polish it off and get back the clear glass surface it originally had.

My endavours in the subject ended with me buying new cover glass for the tank. I expect to be able to extend it's lifetime by regulary cleaning them (which I almost never did before).
Anyhow, I now know that it wasn't just some calcium from the water that was on them and thats why the concentrated phosphoric acid didn't work either.

Discus in planted tanks:
To keep Discus and plants together is a balansing act where you walk along the rim of what most plants like to tolerate as their highest temperature environment and what the Discus can tolerate as their lowest temperature environment.
I keep 28 C which most plants can tolerate. The discus can be kept as low as 27 C but they would not breed in those temperatures. 29 C is recomended but thats too high for the plants so a trade off at 28 C seem to work the best.
I too went out and asked everybody which plants can tolerate 30 C or higher when I first figured I would run discus and plants together. Then I was told that Discus can be kept at 27 C! This opened up a big range of plants, that can be used, for me and I went along with it. I've now built my homepage and included a couple of pictures that I presented in this list some weeks ago (for opinion) of my tank. You can see the site here http://www.algonet.se/~greglind/ choose the button "Greger" and then "aquatic" for the tank pictures. The tank is at 28 C.

Best regards
Greger Lindstrand