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Re: It's Alive!!!

>Y'all aren't going to believe it;  one of the driftwood pieces I have is 
>growing what appears to be small roots!  This thing's been in one tank or 
>another for over two years and has never showed behavior other than 
>inanimate deadness before this.  I tried an experiment last week using 
>triple superphosphate (kids, don't try this at home) that made both plants 
>and algae go nuts with rampant growth.  Could my experiment have stimulated 
>dormant cells in the wood (I believe it's old root mass from a 
>hardwood)?  Should I be worried about anything other than waking up one 
>morning to find an oak tree growing out of my tank?

Well, I know of at least one hardwood that you need to watch out for: black
walnuts. The black walnut leaches something into the ground through it's
roots to inhibit growth of nearby plants, and I first hand expierience with
it's effectiveness (lots of them around here). I wouldn't be surprised if
there are other plants that do the same thing so this is something you
might want to pay attention too. Otherwise I think your rooting driftwood
is pretty neat! Kinda reminds me of brine shrimp eggs and their "shelf
life" of millenia.


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