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Lighting--area versus intensity

MStark wrote:
"You people seem to have all the right answers so here goes.
  If I have a light fixture that has an ANSI rating of 6800 lumens a
of 84 and K rating of 6500 would I double the intensity if I added
another or 
spread it around? By this I mean would the light be brighter in a given
would the area of illumination just be larger? Hope I made myself

If you put the lights far enough apart, then you would merely double
the area being iluuminated.  That would require considerable
separation.  While the overlap in illuminated area won't be 100% it
will always be condiserable if the bubls are within inches of each
other -- for example, two 96 watt PCs, parallel to each other and
inches apart.  On the other hand, if you had one 96watt bulb on one
side of a six foot long tank (so that roughly half was illuminated),
and then put one on the other side, you would roughly double the area
illuminated.  But even then, there would be considerable overlap in the
center of the tank.

Scott H.

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