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I am a newby to aquatic plants. I have added several plants and fish over 
time. The set up has been going now for about 6 months.I'm tiring of trial 
and error. Plants go in....get thin, transparent leaves, no growth on bottom 
with compact growth at top. So I pull out. I think, no I know, I am deficient 
on lighting. I have a 36" wide x 15" deep x 22" high-55gl show aquarium. For 
lighting I have a 55 w smartlite and a 15w power glo. According to the calcs 
on the FAQ lighting I should have about 175 watts of Lighting. Most plants I 
seem to be attracted too have high light needs. My question is this. How to I 
get this much wattage with current set up? Build a new top with 3 
smartlights? The fish store told me to go to metal halide. But qouted me $250 
for reflector, ballast and lamp. Your input would be appreciated. Thanks to 
everyone for the great site and mailing list. Really is insightful

Richard Moore