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My plants are pearling!!

Ok, so I can hear lots of you: "No big deal- my plants do that all the
time!" But I'm excited! :)

I got all the pieces for the gas CO2 system last week, we set it up over the
weekend, and after some initial fun- a not quite tight connection that
caused a leak, I'm still not convinced I've got the needle valve exactly
right, and the diffuser I originally got just didn't work well in my tank-
I've got it working pretty well now. The pH has dropped and is holding
steady at 6.6 from 7.4 and I see lots of bubbles from the plants when the
lights go on in the morning! So I want to say thanks again to everyone who
helped me out with the questions before I bought the CO2 set-up.

(Now to get the nitrates up to where they should be consistently..... :) )

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