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Re:Spider mites?

Hi guys,

Bob Olesen wrote: What about mites? Spider mites in particular.

Doubtful. Spider mites are about the size of a particle of dust; 1/60 of
an inch wide or smaller. Most of the ones I have seen can barely be
spotted with the naked eye.Spider mites have not learned how to jump yet
: ), lay a fine web where ever they go,  and they hate damp humid
conditions. Moisture can wipe them out.  On the other hand, most
Springtails measure about .75mm to 5mm long of various colors depending
on species, many have a body shape similar to a flea,  love to jump, and
prefer a moist/wet  location with organic matter. At least one that I
know of, the Laguna springtail of California, lives under water during
high tide. With this in mind, I don't know how well the paper towel
trick would work. Maybe it would make them all jump out of the tank and
die on the dry floor.:>) Yes, they can mulitply rapidly. Fish, maybe
guppies or the ubiquitous mosquito fish. Crazy thought, a wet and dry
shop vac played gently over the surface a few times. What do you think
about that idea???

Bruce of Droughtland South Georgia (where's the rain?)