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Ameca splendens

In a message dated 12/20/2001 3:56:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, A"Christopher 
Newell" <newellcr at yahoo_com> writes:

> A few years ago, our local clubs had a table sale event where I wound up
> selling a bag of these fish to a Cichlid keeper.  He was pretty sure that
> his Cichlids would make a quick lunch of anything I had to offer (which was
> mainly livebearers).  I knew that he was probably right except for the Ameca
> splendens.  I suggested them as dither fish for his Cichlids.  He scoffed
> and told me that he'd bring back the beat up carcasses and give me an "I
> told you so."

FYI, dr. paul loiselle told me once that it is believed by some that there 
are no cichlids in some of the higher altitude areas in mexico due to the 
competition from Ameca and other goodeids.

btw, a species name should never be capitalized (i.e., Ameca splendens, not 
Ameca Splendens).

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

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