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Re: Carbon dioxide concentration in water

Roger Miller wrote:

> Amy, what Ms. Walstad said was that a liter of "most" water contains
> about 3 times as much CO2 as a liter of air.  I've done that calculation
> myself, and I think she's about right.  What appears to be confusing is
> that a kilogram of "most" water contains only about 1/100th as much CO2
> as a kilogram of air.  In this case there's a big difference between
> comparing concentrations on a volume basis (mg/l) and comparing
> concentrations on a weight (ppm) basis.

Thanks for putting it this way. That's much clearer to me. 

That would seem to suggest that a leaf in water fitting the above description would be exposed to more CO2 than the same sized leaf in air. Does it follow then that plants have more trouble extracting the CO2 from water than air?

-- Stephen