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RE: Amano Shrimp Fever

Jim Kennedy wrote:

>I just wanted to get this straight...I pay $6.99 a >piece for these guys
>and you're using them as fish food?!  What kind of >water do they like?

There's been a lot of talk about using Amano shrimp as algae eaters lately -- why are so many people eager to pay ~2-7 bucks a piece for these things?

The reason I bring this up is that I myself spent ~2.50/per shrimp for 10-12 Amano's that quickly got eaten (I assume) by the Apistos and loaches in my 60 gallon tank...  This was back in August. 

2 weeks ago I bought 24 common "ghost shrimp" ($0.50 each)to split between my 10 and 5.5 gallon tanks...  Both tanks suffered from "thread" algae and a little "clump" algae.  The x-mas moss in both tanks was very heavily infested with algae, and I could never get it quite removed...  Well, low and behold, 24 hours after I placed the shrimp in the tanks, both tanks are ALGAE FREE!!!!  As a side benefit, these little guys are very active and fun to watch.  Not bad for 50 cents...

I think a lot of people get caught up in the Amano name and think they _need_ Amano shrimp...  Amano himself expressed shock at the price American's pay for these shrimp and wondered why we didn't use indigenous / native freshwater shrimp as scavengers...  (I read this after the AGA Conference, but don't remember where...)

Ghost shrimp worked great for me, are easier to find and WAY CHEAPER.  Save your $$ for better plants!! :-)

Just my 2 cents.