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100 Shrimps in a 72 L tank.

Merry Christmas everyone !

Yesterday, I bought 100 filter feeding shrimps (aka algae eating shrimps)
similar to Amano's shrimp. I added all of them at one go into my 72 L tank
that already houses 2 SAE, 7 Black Neon tetras and 13 Rasbora sp. This tank
runs only by UGF injected with CO2 and supported by 72 watts lighting. Water
clarity is good prior to adding the shrimps. This morning, a slight haze has
settled into the tank and it worsened in the afternoon. Daily routine is
setting air pump to minimum in the morning to reduce surface agitation and
maximum during lights out ( 0900-2200 h). In the evening, the haze is
terrible and I turn on air pump to maximum. Haze progressively disappear but
still there.

Now, my question is: Does a hundred shrimps put into a 72 L tank have a
major impact on the ecology?
I'm just guessing that they significantly reduce the O2 content in my tank
and thus starving the "whatever bacteria" that is present. Hence the
formation of haze?