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Re: Mr. PA Knowitall

1. Can plastic, ceramic or wood air diffuser be used to
diffuse CO2 using a low pressure CO2 system?
Yes... but the C02 will tend to rapidly "gunk up" the air stone, forcing you to replace it
often.  Also, the typical airstone does not make bubbles small enough to be diffused quickly
in the water column, so the C02 just comes out of the airstone and bubbles immediately to the
surface without disolving.  All in all, this is an ineffective method of C02 Diffusion.

2. Does adding CO2 to the intake of a canister or power filter harm it's biological filtering
capacity, by overdosing it with CO2?

Not in any way that I've ever noticed in my tanks or in any way I've ever heard mentioned. 
While I guess it's "possible" to raise C02 to toxic levels, you're not dosing to THAT extreme.
 I think that you'd suffer a pH crash and lose all your fish die before your C02 bothered your
biofilter.  (In which case, you probably wouldn't care all that much about your biofilter.)

3. Does an open packet of yeast need to be refrigerated, and how long will it 
stay fresh in or out of the frig?

I buy my yeast by the jar at the grocery store.  It's about the size of a large babyfood jar. 
Yes, you must keep it refrigerated, but on jar lasted me almost a year.  (It's way cheaper and
easier to buy it in the jar rather than the packet, since a packet is way more than one
bottle's worth.)


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