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Re: 96watt PC problem

 David Modine <modine at erols_com>
> Subject: > 
> I just finished mounting one 36" 96w PC in a 36" strip light. This is
> a
> Custom Sealife  2 x 96 unit, removed from a 6 x 96 fixture. So far, I
> have only hooked up one of the 2 leads coming out of the ballast box.
> The bulb only glows dimly right near the receptacle. If I touch the
> bulb, it starts to fire up near where I am touching, but it won't
> come
> all the way on.
> Do both receptacles & bulbs have to be wired in for it to work?
> I found one wiring diagram at:
> >>http:/www.marinedepot.com/lt_fl_icecap430.htm<<
> It shows, among others, a wiring schematic for "2 power compact lamps
> with CSL Socket", for Icecap 430 ballast, but I don't know what
> ballast
> is actually used on my CSL setup.
> The ballast itself has no label. This is setup I bought about 6 years
> ago.
> Does anyone know of a link to more information on wiring up these
> things?
> Thanks, 
> David Modine

You probably need both hooked up.

Not all Ballasts are the same.  Some can be wired to different numbers
of lamps-- that usually requires a jumper or two or at least some
variaton in the wireing scheme.  Some are intended only to work with
certain size and numbers of bulbs.  Best to check with the maker or the
Lamp OEM that produced the light.

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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