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Re: That CO2 Source Thread

> >> Hmm...would that be what's known as "equilibrium"?...
> > Yes, once the states of the water and air are stable.
> I apologize for that, Scott - I was being facetious at the time.
> Although
> the site's seriously in need of an update (and a couple minor
> corrections),
> if you'll check http://www.mindspring.com/~nestor10/bcrb-fE4.htm
> (among
> others), you'll find I'm already well- versed in the necessary
> chemistry...
> - -Y-
> David A. Youngker
> nestor10 at mindspring_com
Thanks for the consideration.  No need to apologize to me, though. 

It's often hard to know when someone is being serious, sardonic,
facetious in email -- and the audience is generally more than one
person with experts and novices in many different fields.  So if I
seemed to be talking down to you, mea culpa, to you and all who saw it
that way.  I didn't mean to suggest that you cannot do chemistry -- nor
that I am especially proficient there -- it wasn't one of my favorites
back at the university.  This CO2 source thread is as much a logic
problem as a mathematical one as a chemical one.  Please allow me to
apologize too; I sincerely bow to your expertise with moles.  

Meanwhile, recalcitrant curmudgeon that I am, I keep insisting that
what comes out must have gone in -- not a daring position or one that
you or others take issue with.  And others, I think, have pointed out
that it doesn't come from the air (nor pure H2O).

But others are doing a much better job on this thread than I am.  So I
think I'll bow out and go back to the shrimp.

Hey Karen, have you tried watching for crepuscular or nocturnal
activity among the shrimp?

Best Regards,
Scott H.

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