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Bronze Plants

Arg, they are supposed to be green. Three types of plants in particular - 
Hygrophila salicifolia, Nomophila stricta (H. corymbosa?) and a Val - 
Spiralis, I think. Old growth is green, but new growth is a bronze color. I 
had this problem once before (along with green water) and adding KNO3 
cleared it up; I have not stopped adding KNO3 and nitrate levels are 
generally between 5-10 ppm.

The tank is about 6 months old; 220W, KH=5, pH=7.0. Canister CO2. I add 
about 1.5t of K2SO4 weekly; 10ml each of flourish & flourish iron every 3rd 
day or so.

The water also gets cloudy between water changes - milky, not green. And I 
have a new kind of algae, a kind of grey-green-blue algae growing on the 
driftwood, shaped like antlers.

Othe plants in the tank, with the exception of the compacta swords, are 
doing well - red plants are red, green plants are green.


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