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Re:Western/Eastern women and the aquarium hobby

Marci: It would sure be nice to discover a shop like
the one you described(where are you ??)....alas I have
not found such a shop locally........perhaps we need
to expand the scope of the APD to include personals??
   Kidding??....only a little:)

James(single and eligible in Western Canada)

>Marci Seyboth wrote:
>My best friend owns a pet store (whee! everything at
cost for me!) and
>she has graciously set aside an 8 foot aquarium for
me to set up as a
>planted tank.
>Most, around 90%, of the people I net fish for are
>The occasional male that is there for his own sake
usually has at least
>a working knowledge of his hobby, but more usually
knows a lot about
>it.   But he is VERY rare.

Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com

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