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On the topic of web pages...

I finally sat down and figured out how to do this. It was a lot easier than
I thought (used MS Word).

So I whipped out my digital camera and went to it. A few notes and pictures
on my home tank (plus tank log), a discussion on my experiences w/CO2,
pictures/comments on my 20G at work, and a picture of my Big Pond.

My own personal criticism is that, after seeing the quality of other's
digital pictures, I need to upgrade to a 2M-Pix+ camera. Another issue is
that I get 5MB on Verizon's servers before they consider me needing the
requirements of a "small business" and any higher res pictures I would go
over that 5M rather quickly...(I am at 4.9M now...).

If you have time, check it out and feel free to comment.


- Jeff