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Reproducing "Amano" Shrimp

>Has anyone had success with raising these shrimp?

I used the term reproducing in the subject line, because I sure didn't have
anything to do with intentionally "breeding" them.<g>  I also can't tell you
much about HOW I did it.  I CAN tell you that last summer, my 125G became
really, really overgrown.  Practically CHOKED with plants.

When I finally took a machete to the plants, Amano shrimp came flying out of
the plants as I threw them into a bucket. (side note... it is VERY difficult
to pick these shrimp up off the floor, and they can flip LONG distances!<g>)

I think I put half a dozen in the tank when I first saw them available at a
price I was willing to pay.  I never saw them after the first day, so
figured they had been eaten, died, whatever.  Well, I picked up close to a
dozen off the floor, so they were doing SOMETHING in there besides eating

OTOH, I haven't seen them again since.  I'm sure that any that are too bold
would be picked off by the pair of angel fish that are now just about full
grown.  I think with the lower plant mass, when I weed they are able to get
out of my way before I remove them by mistake!<g>