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Re: lighting for a 125

> Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 16:54:54 +0000
> From: "Amy Ayukawa" <amyayukawa at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Lighting for 125 gallon (72") tank
> Hello,
> I'm thinking of upgrading my 55 gallon to a 125 gallon. I'd like to get
> about 300 watts of lighting over it. What are my options in terms of NO
> fluorescent and power compact fluorescent?
> Thanks,
> Amy

If you want a moderate amount of light(my choice), use 4 x 96 watt PC from
A&H supply. Get a 5000K and 6700K 50/50 mix. That will give you nice color
and growth without cost too much. NO FL's cost less but you will need the
reflector, E ballast, messier wiring, heavier, bigger etc.
A&H gives you a great reflector and watt for watt PC likely put out about
1.5x more usable light due to the reflector, higher efficiencies, better
depth penetration, cheaper long term bulb cost(debateable, but the PC bulb
do last much longer with less drop off).

If you want high light try a 6 x 96 watt unit. 4-5000K and 2 6700K mix. You
can grow anything with that.

Tom Barr