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Re: Those Secretive Shrimp (and their Oto Cohorts)

Dave said:
> Scott,
> I replaced the substrate in my 125 gallon a couple months ago. Before
> pulling 
> everything out of the tank I'd have sworn I only had 2, maybe 3 Amano
> shrimp 
> in the tank. Turns out there were 12 of them.
> Dave

Isn't amazing that they can stay well fed but remain out of sight. 
Last year I replaced the substrate and removed a UGF from a 30 gal.  In
that tank I could never see more than the same three otos.  But when I
tore it down, I found twelve, all fat and happy.  But nobody bothers
the otos -- these renegades must have adopted a crepuscular lifestyle.

Scott H.

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