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Been on the list for what seems like years now :)
Time for some questions.

1) I have used profile in my large aquarium (55gallons) (Emperor 400 filter)
and liked the results, with a few minor nitpicks.   Are there any drawbacks to
using a substrate of peat covered by profile with and UG filter driven by
filter heads?  

2) Any problem with Using Peat as a substrate addative? 

My reason for asking is because I am starting a new 20 gallon tank in my
classroom and I want to Plant, plant, plant the thing. I know that profile is
VERY hard to clean/siphon without disturbing it and I thought the UGF would
help hold it down.  I need this tank to be as Kid proof as is possible

and 3) I haven't bought plants via mail or internet in a couple of years. Any
good sources out there?


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