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moss wall and green algae

I set up a 40g tank about 1 month ago, and of course, have some algae problems.  All have resolved so far except for a persistent thread algae problem on the pieces of wood.

Tank parameters:

40g (actually 38)
Light:  4 30watt Corallife Trichromatic flourescents, all younger than 6 months old
This = 3 watts/gallon
I cut back from 12 hours/day to 10.5h/day two days ago
Substrate:  Onyx sand
Temp.: 74 degrees F
pH = 6.6
KH = 5 
GH= 5
CO2: from pressurized tank, 1.5 bubbles/second
Water changes:  so far, 25%/week (soon to drop back to 25%/2 weeks
Fertilizer:  1 tsp K2SO4, 1x/week
                1/4 tsp KNO3, 1-2x/week
                10ml TMG, 2x/week (probably too much)
                 Iron (LaMotte test) tests 0.1 or 0.15 w/this 2x per week regime
Fish:  20 Otos
          10 Amano shrimp
          10 tetras, rasboras

I don't have SAE's in this tank because I want to create a (Christmas) moss-covered wood situation, and SAE's eat the moss like crazy.  The green thread algae is like a webbing on the wood and is probably holding back the moss.  I pick it off every day, but it comes back quickly.  It is a problem.

Will the shorter light period (10.5h) help eventually?
Should I try getting 2 little female black mollies, or will they eat the moss too?  The Christmas moss is a high priority since I got it from K.L. Loh in Singapore and obviously is not easy to come by!
Should I cut back on the TMG?  

Thanks for any help,
Roxanne Bittman, Davis, CA