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Re: pH problems..

> From: "Gregory Gooden \(Annex\)" <ggooden at exc1_annex.com>
> Subject: PH Problems?
> WHY did my PH go up? Does PhosGuard do that? I removed the PhosGuard right away!
	Maybe it was the PhosGuard - what is it?  If it is an ion exchange
resin, the questions are:  What did it remove, and what did it add?

> To add insult to injury, yesterday my pH registered at 7.48 (OUCH!!) with both my pH meter AND chemical testing (well, 7.3 with chemical test). So I changed 50% of the water with RO (Arrowhead Distilled Water) immediately, trying to siphon out as much algae as I could...
> TODAY, the pH is still stuck at 7.0-7.1 (scratches head)... 

	The pH dropped by about 0.3.  That is just what one would expect from
a 2-fold dilution if the CO2 concentration stayed the same. {log(2) = 0.301}
That assumes that the pH is being controlled by CO2 and HCO3-.
> Someone told me the other day (a planted tank guy) that after 3 years, you MUST re-do the tank because a deep gravel substrate will "break down" and cause problems like weak growing plants.. Could this possibly be the problem? Could such a condition ALSO put the pH outta whack? 

	I can easily belive that one might run out of some nutrient that
wasn't being added in sufficient quantity.  The substrate in by big tank
has been there for about six years, I think.  I don't think it will affect
the pH much.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada