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Re: ph-KH-CO2

David A. Youngker quoted and wrote:

> >> > Where does the 3ppm concentration of CO2
> >> > in the bucket come from?
> >> From the air."
> > George will be quick to point out that this is a
> > "myth."  While we do often measure 2 - 3 ppm CO2
> > in our non-CO2 supplemented tank water, a significant
> > portion comes from organic processes occurring in
> > the tank which produce a small amount of CO2.  I
> > forget how much George said actually comes from the
> > air, but I think it was something like half the
> > amount we typically measure.
> I'm curious -
> How many of these organic processes are occurring in a beaker of
> triple-distilled water?...
> - -Y-
> David A. Youngker
> nestor10 at mindspring_com
> ...by the way, I'm of the opinion that, at current atmospheric
> concentrations, it's just a hair _more_ than 3 ppm...
Where the CO2 comes from and what is the stable level of concentration
are two different things.  If the water is exposed to air, the CO2 will
pass off to the air until the level in the water is in balance with
that in the air.  If the water has no CO2 but the air does, it will
pick up CO2 from the air, even if the water has been quadruply filtered
by RO.  But the water can pick up CO2 from other sources, animal
respiration being one, and unicellular oganic activity being another --
in fact, isn't that how much (most?? all??)CO2 got into the earth's
atmosphere in the first place?

Scott H.

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