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Re: water changers

Gary Lange wrote: 

>If you've got that much junk on the bottom of your
>tank what the heck
>is wrong with actually doing a water change??  

Nothing, and I do a 1/3 change every week or two.  All
the detritus re-appears about 3 days after a change,
so I have a heck of a time keeping up with it.  I have
had problems with slightly deformed leaves in H.
angustifolia since I started using tap water again,
but that's another issue.     

>Then perhaps you won't have so many  of your algae
>outbreaks if you
>keep up the water changes :-) 

Except for a small amount of time after I made changes
in the tank, it has been almost spotless for the last
two years.  The latest problem occured after I
replaced two T8 bulbs up front.  My tank was overrun
by a pearling grey slimy gunk crap from hell.  Tom
Barr is identifying a sample of the stuff for me now. 
It originally showed up, I think, because the brighter
bulbs induced a nitrate deficiency.  Now macros are
fine but not being used up at the rapid rate they were
when I corrected the situation for some reason, and
the stuff is showing up again.  I don't get it.  All
parameters and levels are where they should be.  It's
one big mystery.  (Insert page long string of
profanities here)   

Pittsburgh water isn't so bad.  

Not bad, but not great either.  I suspect the
calcium/magnesium ratio may be a bit off.  Lots of
insecticides and so on.  


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