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Re: Buy the book

> I think you are doing yourself a great  disservice if you don't get
> Diana's book.  Keeping glass or plexiglass tanks full of water isn't
> expensive, but once you cross over into keeping things alive in the
> water, you can run into some real bucks.  A little knowledge can go 
> a
> long way and Diana's book can give you more than a little.
> Scott H.

> At 03:48 AM 12/16/01 -0500, William asked:
> >Is this a good idea? I know Diana Walstead has a book on this 
> subject,
> >but I'm too cheap to buy it... If I follow these plans, would I be 
> doing
> >anything stupid?
> Two things:  Not buying the book, then not reading it.
> - --
> Dave Gomberg, San Francisco       gomberg at wcf dot com

Ok, ok. :-)
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