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Re: seting up 125 gallon tank

Sorry to be so late on this discussion, but I thought I'd throw in my two

A month or two months ago I changed from your typical overflow/sump to an
Ehiem canister.  I have definitely noticed a change in my nitrates.  With
the sump setup I never added Nitrates to my PMDD, and it always ran 20-25
ppm.  Then shortly after switching to the canister I started having problems
with BGA, it turned out my nitrates were 0.  Before this I have never added
nitrates to my PMDD.  Now with the canister filter I have to add nitrates.

I don't know the details why, but I have definitely experienced it.

>> might "overprocess" the nitrite into nitrates (that the plants
>> should be consuming instead)..

>I'd love to see some more in-depth discussion about this.  I tend
>to run high nitrates, and I suppose there could be something going
>on here related to the wet/dry.   But several things don't make